About Us

Zack & Jessica Gitler

Cinematographers | Photographers | Editors

In 2008 while in Puerto Vallarta on separate vacations, we bumped into each other at the resort we were staying at and the rest as they say is history in the making!  Jess lived in Calgary, Canada and Zack lived in San diego California.   6 months after we met and multiple trips back and forth, Jess packed up all of her things, hoped into her car and drove to San Diego to start a new life.  2 weeks after moving we got married and our lives have been on an amazing journey! 

We love to eat, travel, dance and raise our daughter who has given us a new look on life that we didn’t know existed! Jess has been a photographer for over 7 years and I (Zack) a Videographer since my dad let me videotape with one of his cameras at an early age.

Since early 2010 we’ve been passionately committed to growing as artists and serving others with our gifts and talents.  Together as husband and wife wedding photographers & videographers we are deeply grateful that we not only get to do what we love,  but that we get to pursue our dreams together!